Hello. My name is Ryan Brannen and I believe I am the person to be the Senior Art Director at Moses Anshell. In my resume, you'll see that I have been developing web sites since 1997. I've spent a majority of that time developing sites for the luxury hotel industry. Most recenlty (January 2007) I've left my positions of 8 years as Creative Director & Lead Designer at a 25 person studio called Interactive Sites. I did this by taking on freelance work full-time and expose myself to the experience of working on EVERY part of any given job. I felt I wasn't learning or growing so I decided to mix-it up and explore the "fine hand" required to do it all on your own. I learned so very much and the experience changed my life and my career forever. That brings us to today.

The reason I've decided to get back into a Studio environment is due to the one thing I've been missing to most over the last 2 years... collaboration. I feel I have much to share and even more to learn. I'm an incessant multi-tasker and am extremely passionate about my work. I love the idea of mixing business strategy, smart interface & brilliant design.

I have put together the following web site detailing my thoughts further. Thank you so much for taking the time and enjoy.


The following is a breakdown of my responses to the...

Senior Art Director job description


Exactly what I'm looking for in a studio.

Moses Anshell is many things. An award-winning ad agency. A band of 40 or so fast-thinking misfits who work hard and play hard.

A business where the words "heart" and "profit" co-exist in the same sentence. In "advertising-ese," we're an integrated marketing firm, a shop where creative, interactive, media, strategy and public relations all play nice under one roof. The atmosphere at MA is fast, fun and collaborative, requiring team-players who can switch gears at a moment’s notice while still tossing a ball to one of our office dogs who may interrupt a meeting.


That's why I decided to create this site.
A kick-ass Senior Art Director who can help evolve the Moses Anshell creative team. We're looking to be blown away by your conceptual thinking,

Don't have too much print but I really
had a lot of fun with this project:

Camelback Flowershop
(quarterly newsletter & business card)

your strong visual skills, your sharp executional ability and your knack for working in all sorts of mediums, from print


Working at Interactive Sites, I’ve had the pleasure of designing award winning web sites for many of the worlds top hotels, resorts, spas & casinos.

The Walt Disney Company
Meeting/Event micro-site designs

Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani
- Halekulani
- Waikiki Parc Hotel

Rosew0od Hotels & Resorts
- The Carlyle, New York
- Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos
- Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas
- Hotel Crescent Court, Dallas
- Inn of the Anasazi, Santa Fe
- San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara
- Cordevalle, San Martin
- King Pacific Lodge, BC, Canada
- Caneel Bay, St. John, USVI
- Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI
- Jumby Bay, Antigua
- Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh
- Hotel Al Khozama, Riyadh
- Hotel Seiyo Ginza, Tokyo
- Badrutts Palace, St Moritz

Island Outpost
- Goldeneye
- Jakes
- Strawberry Hill
- The Caves
- Pink Sands

- Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
- Jumeirah Bab Al Shams
- Jumeirah Emirates Towers
- Jumeirah Carlton Tower
- Jumeirah Beach Club Resort & Spa
- Jumeirah Beach Hotel
- Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel
- Jumeirah Essex House
- Madinat Jumeirah

Hotel ZaZa
- Houston Museum District
- Uptown Dallas

Hotel Bel-Air
Marley Resort
Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
The Venetian Hotel & Casino
The Umstead Hotel & Spa
Hollywood Casinos
Embassy Suites Phoenix
Oneneck IT Services
USC Hospitality Services
Eagle Rider & Motorcycle.travel


As a full-time freelancer, I've had the opportunity to work with these (mostly local) clients has been a life (and career) changing experience.


Some of my favorites...

Hollye Schumacher Photography

Sb Collections ~ Sarah Cornwell

Riso Studio ~ Shannon Rice

Camelback Flowershop

Victoria Canada Weddings
Bright Event Gallery

dk Hair ~ San Diego

Desiree Edkins Photography

Center for Neurology & Stroke

Westbrook Vacation Rentals



More great clients...

Apryl Allen/ADA Music
Angelina Rose Photography
Arizona Balance & Hearing Assoc.
Artistic Impressions by Mara
B9 Capital (in dev)
Body Heart ~ Spiriting the Feminine
Boutique Finder, The
Children's Art House
Contessa Stone Design
Developmental Solutions
Dr. Zamani Cosmetic Family Dentistry
Emily Carroll Photography
Eyes2See Photography (in dev)
IDo Wedding Consulting
Illume Weddings
Imoni Events
Jennifer Bowen Photography
Kelli Leslie Photography (in dev)
Lauren Long Photography (in dev)
Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine
Phoenix Financial
Serendipity Videography (in dev)
Summit Commercial Finance
The Art of Don Kunkel
Tucson Bride & Groom Magazine
Velocity Group Real Estate
The Wedding Chronicle (in dev)

to moving pictures to online (yes, we said online – and we mean it). Weak presenters – or the weak of heart – need not apply.



Professionally creating web sites since 1997.

Large Size: Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and Jumeirah
Smaller in size: Hollye Schumacher Photography and Riso Studio

A solid, extensive background in creative marketing, with experience on clients of all sizes.

First attempt at a 100% CSS site... http://blog.oneredkey.com/

A willingness to throw away everything you've learned in that background to pursue ideas that are “crazy, but just might work.” A burning desire to have fun doing what we do, balanced against the realization that this is a business.

Going on 13 years now.

Five or more years related work experience and/or training or the equivalent combination of education and experience required.

Chicago '08 Tahoe '07

Lost in Silver City, AZ Rise-Up Party

San Diego '07 My daughter Madison

The ability to press check and a solid understanding of photography, illustration, typography, online design,


Went to school for Computer Animation.
Co-wrote and shot a short film in 2001.
I have a DVD collection of 350+.

editing, transfer & shooting of commercials preferred.

You really are looking for online skills aren't you... I got'em.

The strength to stand up for what you believe. Online design skills and knowledge aplenty. We want you to be an interactive whiz.


  YOU will

No problem. Always get a few nerves before but I love it.

Be able to present like you're wowing 'em on Broadway, not like you're thinking, "Oh $%%#, why are they staring at me."

Books I use...

Designing Design; Hara

Things I have learned; Sagmiester

Lovemarks; Roberts

Made to Stick; Heath

Laws of Simplicity; Maeda

Guidelines for Online Success; Ford

Outliers; Gladwell

Elements of Style; Strunk, White

Develop concepts for TV/print/the Web and other media that reflect strategy, are appropriate for the brand's personality and are extremely creative.

More collaboration... love it.

Collaborate with senior writers to produce a very high quality of advertising.

There's no other way.

Ensure that ideas/designs are produced to meet deadlines, budgets and client expectations.

Maintain interaction with operations/traffic, production and client services on scope of projects.


Design Observer
Behance Network
Graphic Exchange
Reform Revolution

Remain current on industry trends, technology and our clients' industries and needs.



This is why I get up in the morning and why it's hard to fall asleep at night...
there's always something worth thinking about.

Super creative, but not in a way that makes you seem like you once might have eaten a lot of paste.

Super smart, but not in a way that makes our clients want to karate chop you.


There's always more to learn and more to teach. This is how we all get better.

A strong mentor, willing to not only help lead team members, but to learn from them as well.

Going to improve agency efficiency & profitability.


Having the opportunity to work with these (mostly local) clients has been a life (and career) changing experience. Many of these people have gone from great clients to dear friends. Not only do I frequently dine & entertain with them, play with their kids, take vacations with them and I have even been to a few of their weddings! I have had the opportunity to step in and help these people and their businesses go far beyond what they even thought was possible. To me, all of this speaks volumes especially since 100% of my freelance accounts have been referrals.

Personable and able to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients, vendors and baristas .




There are no small clients, no "mail it in" jobs and no "flexible deadlines.

We win as a team or not at all.


Mmmmm, beer o'clock.

Friday at 4 p.m. is the perfect time for a beer cart to pass your office to offer you a cold beverage.


RYAN BRANNEN    480.516.1778    iam@ryanbrannen.com
CDRyan Sleepyheads. Atmostheory